Inmersión lingüística

Our wonderful week in Broadstairs!!!! (23rd- 30th June)

Members participating  in the linguistic-cultural week in England:  Marta N., Nerea C., Joyce V. , Franziska L., Irene D., Alvaro C., Izan R., Laura S., Adrian T., Aixa R.,  Alejandra G. and  Paula M.

Today (30th June) we are leaving Broadstairs, in the south- east of England and we are very sad because this week has been incredible. Time, indeed, goes by very quickly. We are going to write this review soon in order not to forget anything about this trip.

It has been a very complete week and our students have been very busy with all the activities that the school (BEC) had prepared for them.  In the morning, all the students had to attend lessons but in a different way of teaching as we usually think a lesson has to be taught. After lunch, we had the afternoon activities like the Coastal walk from Broadstairs to the nearest village, Ramsgate, full of interesting stories: martial arts, a visit to the well-known and historic city of Canterbury; beach games (we were very happy this day because it didn’t rain and they could swim in the North Sea), surpirsing, isn´t it

We also had activities in the evening like disco, karaoke, street dance but the funniest one was drama in which they had prepared such a great variety of games that we couldn’t stop laughing and laughing all the time. We have to confess and admit that with this activity, we lost our dignity as teachers.  This activity was a good therapy to forget all the problems and go back to our “wildest” childhood.

We can’t miss talking to you about our whole day in London.  For many of our students, it was their first time and they enjoyed a lot. We visited, of course, the most important landmarks here: Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, The Royal Stables, Victoria Station, St. James’s Park, The Globe Theatre. We crossed from one side of the river to the other to walk along the South bank walk.

 Now, we are going to include some of our students’ comments about this great week in Broadstairs.

 “I´ve had a lot of fun in this experience”, Álvaro C.

“This week was one of the best experiences ever. I loved London, Canterbury , Ramsgate and Broadstairs”. I wish we had had more time . Anyway, it was really cool to meet new people and new cultures”, Alejandra G.

“I had a lovely dog in my family called Centric and we got on really well” Irene D.

“I spent a great time here and I recommend it this to all the students. I hope that I will come back because England is beautiful. Laura and I are twins because we have got the same sweater and it´s funny. We swam in the sea and it was great”: Paula  M.