Our wonderful week in Broadstairs!!!! (23rd- 30th June)

Our wonderful week in Broadstairs!!!! (23rd- 30th June)


Members participating  in the linguistic-cultural week in England:  Miguel Angel L., Javier E. Javier A., Adrian P., Oliver O., Alvaro P., Miriam A., Alma R., Alba  T. Sandra T., Patricia G., Sara G.,  Irene M., Sandra B.,


Today (30th June) we are leaving Broadstairs, in the south- east of England and we are very sad because this week has been incredible. Time, indeed, goes by very quickly. We are going to write this review soon in order not to forget anything about this wonderful trip.


It has been a very complete week and our students have been very busy with all the activities that the school  Broadstairs English Centre (BEC) had prepared for them.  In the morning, all the students had to attend lessons but in a different way of teaching as we usually think a lesson has to be taught. After lunch, we had the afternoon activities. On Saturday, we had an Observarion quiz where our students  were given some questions about the town and they had to find the answers  in different ways.  On Sunday , we were very lucky and we had a fantastic sunny day on the beacha and our sutudents could swim in the Norht Sea, incredible, isn't it?. On Monday, a visit to the well-known and historic city of Canterbury. There, our guide gave us a very interesting explanation about the city and showed us the most important landamarks: The Cathedral, the wall around around the city, Geoffrey Chaucer's statue and his work “Canterbury Tales”, The WestGate  Tower at the entrance of the city, leading to London, Mary's Mount in Dane John Park where many criminals and protestants were executated. On Tuesday,  the Coastal walk from Broadstairs to the nearest village, Ramsgate, full of interesting stories, for example, Queen Victoria,  when she was very young, stayed there to recover from a typhoid disease. As well, many famous writers like Coleridgde, Jane Austen and Wilkkie Collins spent their summer holidays in this city. On Thursday, we went to Margate,


We can’t miss talking to you about our whole day in London.  For many of our students, it was their first time and they enjoyed a lot. We visited, of course, the most important landmarks here: Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, The Royal Stables, Victoria Station, St. James’s Park, Oxford Street, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, just a curiosity about this place. In the centre of  this square, Nelson's column stands out  and the story behind it is that during the famous battle of Trafalgar, Nelson was shot in his shoulder but he was not lucky and the bullet went through all his body breaking his back spine. While they were waiting for a doctor to save his life, he said his last words : “drink, drink, fan, fan rub, rub “ that nobody understood.  After many years of research these words   have been  understood as  he was dying “drink = I want to drink water, fan =  give  me  more air and rub = give me a massage on my back “


As the soldiers wanted to take him home and remember that they were fighting in the Mediterranean Sea, it was a long voyage  and Nelson started to smell bad ,so the soldiers  bent him in two and put him  inside the whiskey barrel. On the way  back home,  all the soldiers  drank from this cask. There is an expression in English related to this story that when you want to go to a pub and drink, you can say “Tap the admiral”

We also had activities in the evening like drama, street dance, the pool tournament  where our student Javier E. won  but the funniest one was  the karaoke activity  in which all our students  had their five-minute fame. They sang  and danced all the time as never. We had a lot of fun.


Now, we are going to include some of our students’ comments about this great week in Broadstairs.


 “It has been a wonderful week” “I want to do it again” “ My teacher Josh is the best teacher”, Javier A.

“My host family has  been very nice and the teachers from BEC have been incredible. I had the opportunity to know new people” Alma R.

“It has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I 've met a lot of lovely people and I've discovered  “Poundland” Miriam A.

“My host family has been very kind to me and my journey to London fantastic!!!!” Oliver O.

“What I 've really loved was  our trip to London. Incredible  city!! where I spent almost all my money. My host family was pleasant and I could speak of English to them” Adrian P.

“I've had a lot of fun and without any doubt I would do it again, an unforgettable experience” Miguel Angel L.

“Food was much better than I expected, fortunately, we were lucky  with the weather because it  didn't rain any day”. Alba T.

“I would never forget this experience. Thanks to this, it has helped me to improve my English and to meet new people” Javier E.

“I' ve enjoyed quite a lot , the host family was really charming. I would do it again” Sandra B.

“My host family  was friendly, I had a lot of fun with my partners and I enjoyed visiting London” Irene M.

“”It has been a unique experience, full of ancecdotes  to remember” Sara G., Patricia G. and Sandra T.

“Nice trip, nice people, nice experience”, Alvaro P.





THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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